Excessive weight gain, hormonal conditions, past pregnancy after the abdominal region of fat, sagging of the skin, the formation of skin cracks and looseness of the muscles of the abdomen is possible to see.

In these cases, abdominal stretching is applied. People with abdominal skin sagging and abdominal muscle laxity that are not improved with proper diet and exercise are suitable candidates for abdominal stretching surgery. Abdominoplasty should be considered as more abdominal shaping surgery without losing weight.

Before deciding on abdominal stretching, if the patient is overweight, it is recommended to weaken and fall to the ideal weight. It is not easy to achieve as good results as patients of normal weight, since the thickness of the abdominal skin is also high in overweight patients. Therefore it is recommended to diet and exercise first. 

Patients who come for sagging after losing weight with exercise and diet are among the most appropriate patients.

How is the surgery performed? 

When the ties between the muscles in the anterior abdominal wall are weakened and ruptured, there are separations between the muscles. With the pressure of the internal organs, the abdomen appears protruding and sagging. With abdominal stretching operations, the muscles in the abdomen are tightened, the anterior abdominal wall is narrowed and excess fat and skin tissues are removed. With this surgery, the location of the belly button hanging down can also be changed. Abdominal stretching surgery, but not completely disappeared in the abdominal cracks, most of them will be improved.

It is performed as total or mini abdominal stretching surgery depending on the abdominal deformity. Total abdominoplasty is considered in cases where sagging and fat in the abdominal region are prominent and abdominal muscular decomposition is advanced . If the fat and sagging condition is limited in the lower umbilical region, mini-abdominoplasty is considered. If the location of the belly is to be changed, there will be traces around the belly and underwear area. Generally, liposuction surgery is also added to abdominal stretching. This ensures better appearance.

How long is the operation? 

The average duration of abdominal stretching operations is 2-4 hours. Depending on the patient's condition,  he is discharged from hospital for 1 or 2 days.

Are complications seen in the postoperative period?

After abdominal stretching, especially in smokers, diabetic patients, patients with additional systemic diseases or patients with various wound healing problems may arise in the healing of the wound site.

What are the postoperative considerations? 

In order to prevent the accumulation of the blood and seromas that we call inside during the operation, drains are placed in the operation site in 1 - 4 days. The first few days of pain relief with painkillers are provided. Day by day, the pain decreases and the patient feels better. Patients are advised to walk forward, especially during the first few days in order to avoid tension on the suture line , and to sleep in a way to put a pillow behind it during sleep. If the patient does not work in a heavy job, he returns to work after an average of 1-2 weeks. However, it is recommended to use corset for 1-1.5 months . It is recommended to avoid heavy exercise for 2-3 months. The swelling in the abdomen is completely resolved and the desired condition of the abdomen takes 6-12 months. After tummy tuck surgery, patients should pay attention to their weight and avoid excessive weight gain. Patients who have too much weight and plan to become pregnant in the following periods should postpone this operation until after delivery.


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