Breast Asymmetry

Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is a very common condition in which disproportionate development of both breasts occurs. If there are no obvious differences, one accepts and lives like this; however, surgery is essential for those with extreme differences.

What are Breast Asymmetry Types? 

If the single breast is normal, and the single breast is small, the small breast is enlarged by adding oil or implant. In patients with this type of breast asymmetry, sagging of the breast of normal size is a common problem. Normal sagging of the breast is corrected by lifting up during surgery. If the single breast is larger than the normal single breast, the larger breast is reduced. If the single breast is large and the other breast is small, the small breast is enlarged by implanting and the large breast is reduced. In some cases, a breast in a young girl never develops from birth. In these individuals, the underlying muscle tissue is either underdeveloped or absent. Even the fingers on that side of the body may be stuck together. This is called poland syndrome. In these patients, the skin-muscle sheath is transferred from the body to the region that is not breast , and transplanted and supported by six implants.

What are the causes of breast enlargement? 

  • Breast development after pregnancy. 
  • Breast growth after breastfeeding.                                                                                                                
  • Breast growth due to excessive increase or decrease in weight. 
  • Breast development after hormonal disorders.
  • Breast growth due to genetic factors. 
  • Breast growth seen as a result of side effects caused by some drugs. 

Will there be any scars after breast asymmetry surgery?

Previously, breast asymmetry surgery in the Tquot; When opening an incision in the form, now downward from the nipple to minimize post-surgical scars, the quot; The incisions are opened and thus the possibility of scarring is minimized. 

After Breast Surgery

It is useful for patients to wear only an athlete's bra and a special corset during the time recommended by the doctor. You should not lift heavy loads. No smoking. It is recommended to lie on your back or side up for 8-10 days.


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