Forehead Lift - Eyebrow Removal

Forehead Lift - Eyebrow Removal

The effect of aging, stress, genetics, nutritional habits and gravity, deep wrinkles on the forehead , low eyebrows and streaks between eyebrows - frown eyebrows can be seen.

This makes people look tired, sad and angry. Forehead stretching and eyebrow lifting, rejuvenation of the upper part of the face, forehead streaks, 
correcting the wrinkles between the eyebrows, lifting the aging eyebrows are among the aesthetic surgery.

How is surgery performed?

The surgery is performed with 2 different techniques: 

1. Open surgery (Açık cerrahi)

In the forehead stretching operation performed with open surgery, the forehead region is released with the incision made from the scalp and the lower muscles are intervened. Then excess skin is removed and tension is provided. 

2. Endoscopic methods (Endoskopik yöntemler) 

Scalp is applied with a few small incisions. Stretching and cleansing muscles are always done from the inside. The operation lasts for 2-3 hours under general anesthesia. 
Drains are placed in the forehead area to remove them after one day.

What are the postoperative considerations? 

Although pain is seen in the first few days, it is reduced with painkillers. The patient is usually discharged from hospital one day after discharge. Swelling can be seen around the forehead and around the eye after about 3-5 days . Postoperative bandages are used to reduce swelling, the head is held high, cold compresses are applied. Approximately 10 days later the sutures are removed.


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