Bishectomy (Hollywood Cheek)

Bishectomy (Hollywood Cheek)

Nowadays, lip fillings or facial thinning operations are well known.

However, especially the celebrity's love for aesthetic surgery brings the developments in the aesthetic world to a whole new level. The multiple operations performed greatly change the appearance of many famous names.

One of the prominent applications in the world of aesthetics in recent years is “Bishectomy.. The number of those who prefer bishectomy surgery, which removes excess fat tissue in the cheek area, allows you to have thinner facial features and more pronounced cheekbones.

How is bectectomy performed?

Bishectomy is performed under general anesthesia for an average of half an hour to 45 minutes . During the operation, local anesthesia is also performed before an incision of approximately 1 cm into the mouth . In this way, patients do not feel any pain immediately after the operation.

The cheek oil is removed from the incision made in the mouth. Behind; then the incision is closed with a few stitches that melt spontaneously and do not need to be removed after the operation. After bectectomy, there is no visible scar, and after an average of one week the surgical incisions heal completely.

After the operation, patients can immediately return to their daily routine. A few days after the removal of excess fat in the cheek area , antibiotic treatment and oral care continue. This is important to prevent infection . After bectectomy, the results are visibly apparent within 2-3 weeks . Swelling (edema) of the cheeks may occur in the first days, and after a few weeks the edema passes and the cheekbones become more pronounced.

Post-Bectectomy Considerations After 

surgery, your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic and will tell you what to look for in oral care . In addition, during the first week after the operation, there are some things to consider about nutrition. The first three days after bectectomy, nutrition should be in the form of liquid. You can often consume water, juice, milk and grain-free soups . After the procedure, between 4 and 6 days, soft foods can be switched. On day 7 , patients may return to normal eating habits. If you still have mild discomfort these days, you can continue to eat softer food and liquid for a few days.

Risks and Complications of Bectectomy

Postoperative edema and pain are not very common. Patients are usually discharged from the hospital on the same day and can go to work the next day. In addition, as it reduces fat mass in the cheeks , bishectomy operations have a preventive effect on deformations in the aging area . There is no serious complication of bishectomy. After the surgery; asymmetry, excessive collapse and numbness in the cheek region. However, these are very rare conditions and when performed in the right hands there is no risk of bishectomy.


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